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    Kings of War is a war simulation game based on the Greek mythology. The game uses the most cutting-edge Flash technology. Along with a large number of real-time calculations, it provides a battle scene within massive units at the same time. Tons of historical myths and stories are referred. From every detail, we re-created the famous scenes and heroic characters of Greek mythology, giving an immersive feeling of the game world.

    Players start their journey in game from a city lord. Step by step, they develop their cities and strengthen their armies in order to conquer the whole world. Interspersed with all kinds of myth stories, players can feel themselves as if come into a real Greek myth world. The game uses the latest server architecture and front-end technology to restore the battle scene in Greek mythology. It perfectly presents the classic battles in myth.

    There are game features like Heroes, Resource Production, Expedition, Escort Supplies, Battle of the King, Cross-server Warfare, etc. The game is rich in content, fun in game play, generous in reward and interactive in player connection. Players will enjoy the fun of the game.

    “They were the ancestors of western civilization, with superior nature and extraordinary imagination. In primitive times, they were mysterious to both natural phenomenon and people’s birth and death. They felt difficult to understand, so they kept on dreaming and thinking. In their imagination, everything in the universe has a life.
    fter the Dorians invaded the Aegean civilization, because of too much population in the Greek peninsula, they had to find out more living space. At this time, they worship heroes, and thus produced many stories mixed with mythical figures and real national heroes. These human created heroes, gods and stories, through the recreations in time, are collectively known as “Greek mythology”. The era from the 11th/12th centuries BC to the 7th/8th centuries BC is referred to as the “age of mythology”. Mythological stories were first passed on from ear to ear until the 7th century, when the great poet Homer recorded them in his Epic.”

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    you forget to mention that 70% of the game is not working. There are never fixes to resolve bugs, so please advice your own customers not to waste money in this game.

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    For players that want to go on a working server, with everething enabled go to https://espritgames.ru/kingsofwar/ or click in the russian flag when you are in kings of war.
    We could use some help in server s8 blue. average lvl there at this moment is lvl 72

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