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Leon Gross

While i agree once again with Innoruuk (the all powerful), this would be something based on the top 10 of your serve in my opinion. For instance I am on server 47 which during the merge we got Adrien Glenn who if he shows up to fight the WB it dies very fast, but if he does not we normally beat it with only couple of mins or even seconds to spare if at all.

While on the other hand Pet Boss, i have not been in a group that can beat it in over a week, can that be weaker or again based on servers?

Map Dragons should be made MUCH MUCH stronger though. Even though we have all small players on my server other than Adrien, there are at least 60 active players (20 min my clan that play every day), and all dragons die extremely fast. This includes the ancient dragon that only appears once a week, and is normally circled by 10+ players when it lands and is killed before most of us even get to see it, even though we are waiting on the landing pad. In my opinion (which means zip) this dragon should be the hardest on each serve, i mean its the dragon for all the Ultra players.

If there is anything that can be done about 1 or all of these items please make this happen, thank you and thank you for creating this wonderful game!

Last edited: 16.07.2020 05:29
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