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nameless DM S3

As this game dont have so much players, why don’t esprit portal make a referral system into game? with rewards, it will be goal for players to bring their friends into game, rewards can be on recharge and leveling scale like so :

|referral reached level 50 – claim 200 diamonds,5.000.000 gold and 15 material packs
|referral reached level 60 – claim 350 diamonds,10.000.000 gold and 25 material packs
|referral reached level Ultimate 1 -claim 500 diamonds,25.000.000 gold,40 material packs and 5 mount card shards
|referral reached level Ultimate 5 -claim 1.000 diamonds,50.000.000 gold, 100 material packs and 15 mount card shards
|referral reached level Ultimate 10 – claim 2.500 diamonds,100.000.000 gold, 200 material packs and 30 mount card shards.
|5 referrals reached Ultimate 1 – claim 250 ambers,exclusive B class mount,exclusive title
|10 referrals reached Ultimate 10 – claim 2.000 ambers, exclusive S class mount and title.

also maybe it will be good to put a % for recharging, like get 5% amber on your account from every recharges from your referrals

leveling rewards can be claimed as much time as much friend reached that level. All this is just example of how can it be, im sure this idea will bring a lot of players into game.
this system can stay in [Rewards hall]and have for every player their own referral link to send in FB,OK,VK,google or any other.

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