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nameless DM S3

Hello dear Dragon Lord players and Esprit,i was wondering for a long time “why there’s no clan wars?”
Today mostly any game with clan system have also clan wars in game, to see which clan is best,and somehow Dragon Lord don’t have any clan wars activity.So i’m here to suggest some ideas about it.

First suggestion is that clan wars may work same as any other Cross Server Arena battles, every 2 weeks starts preliminary battles, working same as war of gods, 1 vs 1 battles with clan point system, ranking table gives information about what clan have most points, if you win in 1 vs 1 battle against any other clan your clan gains points,if you loose,your clan looses points also. Preliminary battles lasts for 30 minutes, after that all members have 5 minutes to prepare while server calculates battle system of top 16 clans by points, and after that starts first top 16 battles, randomly or generated by points Clan vs Clan ,battle mechanics may be same as Faction War,winner side is who got most points in those 25 minutes or managed to kill opponents Goddess.When first round of 16 clans is ended, on next day starts Top 8 battles, and top 4 battles, on next day team gold and team silver to find out 1st and 3rd place.

Adding new currency into exchange shop called “Clan badge” or else,and adding there shards of 5* or 6* hero, 1 mount, 1 relic and maybe 1 wing skin? for secondary items 1 set of fashion equipment, and flag with fiend’s ring materials.You can get clan points same way as king crests, every clan members gets in mail clan points according to points gotten in preliminary battle, 10 points =1 Clan points (maximum of 5.000 points in preliminary battles) and also generated by places in finals.

Adding title for first 3 places clans,and unique timed mount what will be able to use only leader of the winning clan,giving its owner a slight speed boost as always 😛

That’s all i wanted to say, maybe someone have something to suggest to, feel free to add your suggestion 😛 and sorry for mistakes,i know my english is bad .P

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