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i let the page alone allmoust the whole day with out me trying to go to it this is what is doing wright now , withing multyfull images of GOT , What the heck our you all doing to resolve this , im in the meaddle of preparations for an up copmeing battle and this is really getting on my nervers i been kick or booted out , do you want me to loose all what i have been doing this whole month , please keymaster , this has to be resolve with the highest priority one , here is what is doing wright now

http://prnt.sc/1gdcl58 , http://prnt.sc/1gdcwrg

please help me resolve this and for me to get back to it i will inform my alliance of this in hopes that im not trown out again , because i will be if im not doing my part in my alliance wich i have been doing since day one .

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