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Hello , KeyMaster ,How’s It Been Since That Last Time We Comunicated Problems Issue’s of The Game yesterday i was doing scavageing and takeing down enemies groups wen it all of the sudden it stops and in the left upper corner a sad face , meaning a app or a tecnica problem crash ,now in that moment it allso made my computer lag makeing me un able to screen shot it , and as this problem is the image of tyrion appeared , now that was yesterday , so i left it alone ,because i thougth it was a maintance thing or something and today it would be well ,but it isnt , right now im in the process of helpi ng my alliance with future preparation on the next event winter is comeing , and this will make me be away , i cant aford this i need to be there or there will be consecuences to me lioke been booted out i have been warn from them if i miss again i told them my absence that cause this is this problems that happen intermitently and causees me to be off , and that this is not my fault , but of the system game app , please the developer’s must make all funtions , not just mention updates in the mail box of each players in a group , but for the whole system in this game , like i said ,im to deep in this group to be kick out , or booted out , i cant have that , so im asking you to help me on this ,its not like i want to bother you with these problem ,but from my side everything is check and double check wen im to log in ,i make sure im doing all that is required to in order to have a good game logging funtion experience like it should be , please make this a hight priority with no wexeption , because i know im not the onlyone that is experienceing this , there might be some who don’t go tru this in other ares of the world , but for the american continent side this is happening , because im in the State Of Florida , City Of Homestead , and im haveing this problem , so again please help me , and dont permit this problem to continue im getting really upset with this an i cant afford any more disruption of my time online ,wich is very, very crucial for me becuase i have a time online strick policy since i go on to wen i go off time limit is before 12:00.AM ,help me on this because i dont know what else to do here . and thank you For Youre Assistance .

i Have encloused two files from today and it is the same problem as usual not recognizeing my google browser , wich is up to date .

http://prnt.sc/1g6rgye , http://prnt.sc/1g6tls9

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