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there is lots of issues in dragon lord and its not the game causeing the issues its not designed for client and only runs and works properly on flash if they want it to run and work properly on another platform such as client they have to redesign the game to run it other wise it will only run flash and running it on client will cause the game a whole lot of issues they cant fix cus fixing 1 will cause another to happen like wings trial it dont work properly and kicks u out on floor 1 or floor 49 and u waste all ur wing stones and mount race my mounts mood is 114 and i finished 1st every time but the game said i lost and it happened 5x today so redesigning dragon lord will fix every problem it has so it will work right on client heavens fury works right on client cus it was designed for client and dragon lord was designed for flash so this will help dragon lord work right thanks

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