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well there is events for 6 star heros but r made for heavy spenders not for low spenders or spenders that get a monthly check so can it be possable to put such heros in the tavern for essence draw to get them so we can do myth i have been playing on s111 for 44 days and entered the event and ended up with 25 shards of pandora im in the event for hades and will end up with 30 or less shards and each 1 needs 50 shards to get. with the exp being so low on nm dungeons and monster kills it took me 1 week to raise from lvl 68 to 69 so can it be possable to raise the exp so we raise lvls faster. and for the client can it be possable to put a refresh button on it cus it seems the reload gives a black screen and i have to log out of the client. on the consution rankings u can replace the 6 star heros with relics wings mounts. thanks

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