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Maintenance September, 6!

Maintenance September, 6!

Dear friends!

Tomorrow, at 06:00 AM will be maintenance.

We anticipate downtime to be a 2 hours.

Please leave the game in advance to avoid any unnecessary loss. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


1. New Wild Boss graphic.
2. Territory unlock level is now changed to Lv. 47.
3. Added Help info to Mount Equipment.
4. New feature: Sacred Mark.
5. New feature: Endless Journey.
6. Optimized the item description of Mount Crystal.

Bug fixes:

1. Removed the stats display of the upgrader Apex Equipment obtained from Apex Raid.
2. Fixed the issue where the Hero’s Pet was not displayed when in Immortal Path.
3. Fixed the stats display affecting the gems.

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