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Maintenance October, 18!

Maintenance October, 18!

Dear friends!

Tomorrow, at 04:00 AM will be maintenance.

We anticipate downtime to be a 2 hours.

Please leave the game in advance to avoid any unnecessary loss. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


1. Added a MIN button when using the Batch Use function in Backpack.

Bug fixed:

1. Fixed the issue where Prophet’s skill Devotion did not work properly.
2. Fixed the round count issue affecting Prophet’s skill Spreading Faith.
3. Fixed the issue where the Relics Death Tome and Dragon Heart did not work properly.
4. Fixed the issue where the Relic promotion level does not match the Relic skill level.
5. Fixed the issue where the true damage effect of Thor’s Arcing Lightning did not work properly.

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