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Events from October 17 – «Sky Tower» and «Peace Day Celebration»

Events from October 17 – «Sky Tower» and «Peace Day Celebration»


From October 17 to 19, take part in the construction of the «Sky Tower».

Build a tower using the Realm Dust item, which can be found in the event itself, and get a reward for each floor. The more floors you build, the higher your place in the ranking will be and the better the reward will be!

You will also have access to personal and guild tasks, fulfilling the conditions of which you will be able to get even more rewards.

And in a special event exchanger, you can exchange Sky Badges for rare and useful goods.

Attention unused Sky Badges will disappear after the end of the event.

Available Rewards:

  • Cards for Force Book
  • Dim Star Sand
  • Martyr Coin
  • Ancient Coin
  • SSR Hero Card Shard
  • UR Card Chest
  • Promotion Sapphire
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

From October 18 to 23 the «Peace Day Celebration» event will be available for you, which consists of many sections:

  • Draw
  • Rankings
  • Exchange
  • Discount
  • Time-Limited
  • Login
  • Daily Recharge
  • Total Recharge
  • Total Purchase

During the event, you can spin the holiday wheel and win gifts, exchange Dove of Peace for rare items, purchase valuable sets with discounts, receive rewards for entering the game, for buying and spending game currency, and accumulate points to collect the best rating awards.

Awards Events:

  • Tyr Card Shard
  • Heroic Promotion Stone
  • Promotion Sapphire
  • Prayer Note
  • Magic Lamp Shard
  • Dim Star Sand
  • and much more

You will also have the opportunity to win special rewards:

  • Brisingamen

  • Nuclear Blast

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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