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Events from April 1 – «Spring Carnival» and «Spring Slot»

Events from April 1 – «Spring Carnival» and «Spring Slot»


From April 1 to 6, take part in «Spring Carnival» and «Spring Slot»!

Spring Carnival

By participating in the event you will receive rewards for daily entry into the game, for the purchase and spending of game currency.

Spring Slot

Spin the Lucky Wheel and win prizes, exchange points for valuable items, get into the rating and get the best rewards!

Participating in the events, you can get:

  • Heimdall Card
  • Title, Avatar and Frame
  • Promotion Sapphire
  • Skill Book Chest
  • Mythical Wind Fairy
  • Random Relic Card
  • and much more

You will also have the opportunity to win special rewards:

  • Loki Card (UR)

  • Fang of Helldog Card

You can read more about the event and rewards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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