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Event from March 9 – «Divine Guardian Arrival»

Event from March 9 – «Divine Guardian Arrival»


From March 9 to 22, the «Divine Guardian Arrival» event is available for you, which consists of many sections:

  • Login
  • Martyr Summon
  • BR Challenge
  • Activity Pass
  • Martyr Prayer
  • Time-limited Quest
  • Carnival Pack

Enter the game every day and receive gifts, participate in the call and win guaranteed rewards, pass special tests and become the owner of valuable items, increase the progress of the pass and collect nice gifts.

For the purchase of game currency during the event, you can get Prayer attempts that guarantee the receipt of rare items, as well as become the owner of special sets containing Summon Horn and other necessary things.

Complete various tasks that will open at a certain time, and get nice rewards. Additional rewards will be given to those players who complete a certain number of tasks.

Participate and win:

  • Diamonds
  • Summon Chest Shard
  • Dim Star Sand
  • Heimdall Card Shard
  • Meteorite crystal
  • Cards for Card Collection
  • and much more

You will also have the opportunity to win special rewards:

  • Flaming Bird

  • Costume “Pirate captain” (Iron Blunderbuss, Pirate Clothing and Pirate Badge)

  • Titan Blood

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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