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Guide – Holy wings

Guide – Holy wings

Holy wings

Available by the icon

At level 8, an additional quest chain appears, which allows you to activate Mount first, then Goddess, then Holy wings.

Complete all the tasks, collect rewards and activate your first wings!


Upgrade your wings by lighting up spheres to get a bonus of characteristics.

The Holy Father item is required to upgrade.

Holy Father can be obtained:

  • Resource dungeon (Holy wings dungeon)
  • Various game events
  • Shop
  • Mystery shop
  • Eternal pass
  • etc.

When all the spheres are lit and the scale is 100% full, you can increase the rank.

To do this, you will need the Promotion tanzanite item.

Promotion tanzanite can be obtained:

  • Resource dungeon (Holy wings dungeon)
  • Various game events
  • Shop
  • etc.

Increase the rank of the wings to unlock passive skills.

Strengthen your wings with special Holy Essence and Wing Soul spheres.

The spheres can be obtained:

  • Resource dungeon (Holy wings dungeon)
  • Various game events
  • Treasury
  • etc.


You can use any activated wings on the character.


After the rank of the wings is increased, the character will automatically start using new wings. But if you want, you can use the old coloring of the wings. To do this, click the Transmogrify button.


Activate and use special coloring wings. They change the appearance of the wings and significantly increase the characteristics.

Special coloring pages can be obtained in various game events (when increasing the VIP level, in the Treasury event, etc.).

The wings of this category can be raised to stardom.

To ignite the stars, you will need cards of the same wings.

Every 5 stars, in addition to increasing the characteristics, 1% will be added to all attributes.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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