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The present rules consist of two parts: the Game Rules and the Rules of Communication.

In case of violation of the User Agreement, theGame Rules or the Rules of Communication the corresponding game penalties are applied at the discretion of the Administration. If you do not understand any point of the rules or your character is blocked, contact the administration of the game by applying to the support service for clarification.

All questions about player’s characters are resolved only with their owners.

Game Rules

1. Character ownership.

One character can only be played by one person, the transfer of the character to both temporary control and on a permanent basis is prohibited.
Remember that you cannot restore a character or items lost as a result of actions in the game (deleting / selling an item, etc.). Regardless of who performed these actions.


2. Use of undeclared features and bugs of the Game.

Undeclared features are the functionality of the Game that is not described or does not correspond to those described in the developer’s documentation, when used, which may violate the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the processed information.

a) Any use of undeclared features and software errors of the Game is prohibited.

b) It is forbidden to use software errors for personal gain.

c) It is forbidden to use software errors that harm the game or other Users.

d) It is forbidden to disseminate information about software errors to other Users through game resources (chat, forum, private messages)

Note: In case of detection of a critical error, with the immediate transfer of information about it to the Administration – rewards with game bonuses, at the discretion of the Project Administrators.

3. Scripting.

a) Unauthorized influence on the server and (or) the game code is prohibited. Authorized influences are game plugins / add-ons approved (registered or licensed) by the Administration, installed on the side of the User’s browser and modifying the appearance, information, actions, etc., without interfering with the internal processes of the game.

b) It is forbidden to create and launch a bot or other automated (semi-automated) program unauthorized by the Administration for the purpose of performing any actions aimed at the User’s character or other characters, for pumping and (or) enriching his character, as well as actions aimed at chatting the game.

4. Fraud.

Any fraudulent use of electronic payment systems is prohibited.

5. Hacking.

It is forbidden to gain access to the character (s) of third parties, transfer of game values ​​from the character (s) of third parties, as well as facilitate such transfer. In case of loss of the character’s game property by means of selection and theft (theft) of the password to the character (or the e-mail address to which the character is registered), or by deception (or abuse) of the trust of the character owner, the stolen property is not returned.

6. Content.

The rules for entering any user information are posted in the Rules of communication

7. Trade in characters.

It is forbidden to transfer the character (s) and / or access to them to other persons on a reimbursable and / or free basis, as well as disseminate information about the intention to perform these actions.

8. Game resources (Items).

It is prohibited to trade (buy and / or sell) in-game items and resources for real money, as well as advertise such trade. Any commercial advertising is prohibited. Any fraudulent activity or attempt directly or indirectly related to in-game items or resources is prohibited.

9. Other conditions.

For these and other violations of the rules of the Game, the User may immediately, without any prior notice, be denied the functionality of the Game, or such functionality may be partially limited.

The administration reserves the right to change the punishment for violations of these points at its own discretion, depending on the severity of the offense.

The Administration administers the Game at its sole discretion. The use of the Game services is carried out by the User exclusively independently and on an “as is” basis, that is, the Game Administration is not responsible to the User under any circumstances for any direct and / or indirect damage that the User may experience in connection with the receipt of the Game service or the impossibility get such a service.

The right to use the Additional Game Functionality is considered granted at the moment the game currency is credited to the in-game account of the User’s character. Further use of the game currency by the User is carried out exclusively within the framework of the game process (Games), does not give rise to the Administration’s responsibility for their use / non-use by the User, and any requirements of the User arising from this by virtue of Art. 1062 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation cannot be the subject of judicial protection.

Acquisition of rights to use the Additional Game Functionality and their payment is not a necessary condition for the User to participate in the Game, or to obtain the rights to use the Game as a whole, unless otherwise provided by the License Agreement. The rights to use the Additional Game Functionality are provided upon the request and request of the User. The additional functionality of the Game is an integral part of the Game, and the rights to use it can be exercised by the User only in connection with the use of the Game.

Communication rules

1. Definitions.


– Non-random repeated repetition of one or several phrases of the same type;

– Excessive use of symbols, letters, words in messages (“))))”, “!!!!!!” etc.), which creates obstacles to normal chatting, perception of information;

– Excessive use of smiles (no more than 3 in one message or several in a short period of time);

– Communication mainly with smiles, without using text;

– Begging (obsessive requests to attack, evaluate photos, give a gift, etc.);

– Senseless text – a set of symbols that does not carry a semantic load, clogging up the chat window and interfering with communicating with other Users.

Trolling – posting messages with the aim of causing a flame, conflicts between Users, insults, as well as messages that may interfere with further discussion in a pleasant atmosphere.

Caps (capslock, Caps Lock) – writing messages in mainly uppercase (most of the phrase is written in capital letters). Examples of using caps that fall under this violation: “HI”, “OnLInE-G@Me”, “HI EVERYONE”.

Foul language – obscene, abusive expressions.

Veiled foul language – obscene language artificially modified by replacing key parts of words for perception with other letters or symbols, while maintaining the semantic load of the original word.

Provoking conflict situations, provocations – conflicting positions of the parties on any occasion, striving for opposite goals, using various means to achieve them, mismatching interests, desires, etc., which can lead to more serious violations, quarrels, insults.

Slander – defamatory information or dissemination of deliberately false information defaming the honor and dignity of another person or undermining his reputation. Libel against the Administration is absolutely unacceptable.

Discussion of penalties and actions of the administration / moderator – Can be sent to the support service. Any discussion or assessment of the actions of the moderators in other places is prohibited.

Distribution of malicious links (RVS) – distribution of links to third-party games and projects; sites that can harm the User’s computer. Internal links, links to resources for voice communication, near-game resources (official groups on social networks, guild groups, etc.) are allowed.

Incitement of interethnic hatred – designation of actions aimed at inciting national, racial hatred, social hatred or enmity, humiliation of national dignity, as well as statements about the exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their attitude to nationality.

Discussion of topics of a sexual nature – posting pornographic and erotic materials, promoting pornography, eroticism, as well as discussing topics related to issues of a sexual nature.

2. General rules.

In accordance with clause 8.2. of the license agreement, the user guarantees that he has all the necessary powers to conclude the Agreement. In the event that the User has not reached the age of majority (18 years) or has become completely incapacitated due to the occurrence of another circumstance provided for by the current legislation, he is obliged to independently obtain the necessary permission in the form required by law from his parents or legal representatives.

This means that users inside the game have reached the age of criminal and administrative responsibility in case of violation of the laws.

In this regard, the Administration does not interfere with the gameplay and does not assume the role of the relevant authorities. Users create the atmosphere on game servers. Our company maintains a policy of free communication within the framework of the laws of the Russian Federation. Depending on the contingent with whom you communicate, the communication style can be different and each user chooses the people with whom he is interested to communicate. For people who are not in your social circle, you can use the game function “blacklist”. Below are the general rules of communication that we strongly recommend that you follow.
The administration reserves the right to limit the functionality of communication in games at its sole discretion.

We remind you that communication is prohibited:

3.1. Provocation or pushing to violate the rules of the Game or the law.

3.2. Attempts to cheat, deceive or mislead other Users.

3.4 Insulting other Users without the use of profanity, as well as provocation to insult or profanity.

3.5. Explicit and veiled discussion, advertising or promotion of the use of drugs, alcohol or any other substances prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.6. Statements (including slogans, greetings and sayings) of a racist, fascist, nationalist nature, as well as other forms of humiliation of human dignity on religious, sexual or any other grounds, attempts to incite interethnic, interracial hatred, calls for violence, calls for suicide , terrorism.

3.7. Threats of violence in real life, as well as threats of causing any damage.

3.8. Extortion or begging in all possible forms.

3.9. Discussion, proposals, demand for the sale (exchange) of any game values ​​for real values ​​or services, as well as discussion, proposals, demand for the sale (exchange) of characters, services for pumping any character parameters for real or game values ​​or services.

3.10. Attempts to impersonate a representative of the Game Administration, as well as any other attempts to gain access to the Accounts of third parties.

3.11. Advertising of automated (semi-automated) programs, the purpose of which is to perform any actions aimed at the User’s character or other characters, for pumping and (or) enriching the characters.

3.12. Discussion of the Game and its possibilities in a negative way.

3.13. Distribution of malicious links (PBC). PBC is any link other than links to near-game resources (official groups on social networks, guild groups, etc.)

3.14. Destructive actions in relation to the project, such as public calls by other Users to stop participating in the project, as well as statements about their withdrawal from it or any other actions that can entail negative consequences for the gameplay, or interfere with its development.

3.15. Using and quoting profanity, veiled expressions in nicknames and in other ways available within the Game.

3.16. The use of names, titles, veiled expressions, abbreviations, numbers and numerical meanings, citing slogans, appeals, inscriptions in any way related to National Socialism, Nazism, Fascism, racism, extremism, terrorism in nicknames, mottos, clan names, and by any other means available within the Game.

3.17. Discussion of the actions of moderators and Administrators in places not intended for this.

3.18. Criticism, obscene and offensive statements, expressions of obvious disagreement, dissatisfaction with decisions or actions of the Administration or moderators.

3.19. Criticism, expressions of explicit disagreement, dissatisfaction with the new or existing functionality of the Game, the features of the game world.

3.20. Registration of characters, clans, guilds, where there is profanity, or which are similar to the names of representatives of the Administration.

3.21. Posting pornographic and erotic materials, promoting pornography, eroticism, as well as discussing topics related to issues of a sexual nature.

All of the above provisions apply to all aspects of communication within the project, including but not limited to communication on the forum, chat, in private messages, when filling out clan information, as well as in any public actions of the character.

If a violation is discovered by the administration, sanctions may be applied to the violator without warning in accordance with Art. 2 of these Rules. No compensation for temporary items or opportunities that are in effect or have ended at the time of the application of the punishment and throughout its duration are not made.

Any user has the right to file a complaint about violation of the laws of the Russian Federation by another user, to the appropriate government body of the Russian Federation.

3. Other cases.

In other cases, not covered in the above general rules of communication, when the action somehow damages the project, the decision to impose penalties is determined by the Administration.

4. Other conditions.

The administration is not responsible for any statements of the User published on the resources of the Game. The Administration is not responsible for the User’s behavior on the resources of the Game, including the behavior, nature and ideology of game characters controlled by the User, actions of game characters in the Game, disrespectful attitude towards other Game Users and game characters controlled by them. The administration is not responsible for such actions of other participants in the Game.
All responsibility for such actions lies with the person who committed it.

Questions about playable characters are resolved only with their owners.

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