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[Update] – Enchanted garden and Deity

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[Update] – Enchanted garden and Deity

 Welcome to the Enchanted Garden

  • The function is activated after passing the quest.


  • Enchanted garden becomes available at level 49
  • You can change appearance as you like.
  • When chanses units run out,  they can be replenished with diamonds.
  • Chanses will be recovered every hour.

🌿 Apollo, God of the Sun ferocious like a flame in the battlefield. Leaving only but ashes after his blazing fire.  

Apollo is also the god of architecture and artifacts.

  • The “Deity” is activated at Ultimate level 5 and  Dragon – Flame Whelp  level 80. 

  • The function is activated after passing the quest.
  • You can raise the level of the deity and discover additional talents.
  • You can  upgrade Diety with the help of the Holy Water that you receive in Diety Dungeon. 

🌿To activate the ancient Greek Goddess of Earth , you need Rock Whelp Dragon 80 level.

🌿 To activate Storm Bringer, you need Tornado Whelp Dragon level 80.

🌿 To activate God of the Seas, you need Frost Whelp Dragon level 80.

🌿 To activate Agent of Light , you need Light Whelp Dragon level 80.

🌿 To Lady of Doom , you need Dark Whelp Dragon level 80.

🐖🐷 Meet new pet – Pig. He is very cute

We wish you successful searches and new adventures!

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