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Dragon Lord

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Dragon Lord

Dark times  have come. The Lord of Dark Dragons rules the continent, bringing terror to civilians! Build the capital of your kingdom, gather a large army, unite with your allies and defeat the empire, using the magic and power of the creatures you have defeated!

  • Battle against mighty foes
  • Become a powerful warlord
  • Hire legendary heroes in tavern
  • Build and strengthen your city
  • Travel around mafnificent worlds
  • Overcome the hardestof challenges

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  • 30.10.2018

    [Update] - New wings, fashion and discount packs

    Greeting Heroes! Dragon Lord has been updated today. Two new wings are available: 🦋 Dark Blue and Inferno Dragonbone They will appear in the events later. New fashon:  Assassin Badge , Assassin Robes, Assassin Hook They will appear in the events later. We are...