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New server «S18: Mutant Angler»

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Good news, everyone!

New server «S18: Mutant Angler» is already open!

Start your journey on a new server right now! There you could use all your game experience and will be able to participate in opening events, compete for a place in the rankings and get excellent rewards!

Taking part in Carnaval to get valuable prizes.

A new server «S18: Mutant Angler» is waiting for you!

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Maintenance completed ( February 19, 2019)

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Greetings, heroes!

We are pleased to announce that the maintenance has been successfully completed. During the maintenance , the game servers were tuned and optimized. At the moment, all servers are accessible and working in normal mode.
In today’s update:
1. Increased chance of dropping Enchantment Card from Wild Monster.
2. Armor Shards are no longer able to be sold.
3. Fixed a bug affecting the upgrade of Double-stat Astro Socket.
4. Fixed a bug affecting character’s name on damage list of Clan Boss.
5. Fixed issue when activating expired Fashion by using Fashion Card
6. Added new mount – Earless Seal.
It will be available in future events.Have a good game!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Every year on February 14th, people honor their love for one another by spending time together, sending flowers and sharing Valentine’s messages of love. The ritual of expressing love and affection goes far beyond the courtly love of Chaucer’s time. He may have been the first person to link the Catholic Saint Valentine with romance, but today Valentine’s Day is a time to show appreciation for family and friends as well.

Do not forget to complete all Daily Quests to get(only 1 day):
Engagement ring

Eternal Stardust

Advanced Love Box

 During the event VDay, recharge 100 ambers in total to get:

999 roses

Mount Pearl Alpaca 

Best regards!

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