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Merry Christmas!

Dear players, Merry Christmas!

In game has launched a special event – Cold Heart Blessing!

During 5 days collect snowballs, complete special tasks and get valuable rewards!

The spirit of Christmas unites all players and therefore, completing tasks with friends on the server you have the chance to get a unique hero – Yan Chujiang Integrator!

Event is triggered by an icon

Also you are waiting for a special event – Festival Hotspot!

In this event you have to make Recharge and Spending Ingots. This will provide valuable resources for pumping your character and recruits. This time we have prepared special rewards for you.

You can get fragments of two new recruits class SR!

We present you Sun ce and Da ji ^_^





“Extremely dangerous”











“Deadly beautiful”





These warriors will strengthen your squad and diversify battle tactics.

For new players we also prepared a new event – the Grade Fund

Invest and get return B-bars with increasing levels.

Event is triggered by an icon

May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white!

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

The Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. There are a lot of festivities, candles, Xmas trees, mistletoe, Santas and snow! It is that time of the year when we share time and love with our family and friends. It’s a time for parties, fun and enjoyment.

From all Dark Omen’s team we would wish to all of you have a wonderful holidays and may the New Year greet you and your family and friends with happiness and health.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

[24.12] Technical maintenance

Dear friends!
Today at 8 AM EDT we’re planning to carry out a technical maintenance. We anticipate downtime to be a 1 hour.
During the maintenance the special Christmas events will be prepared.
Greatly sorry for any inconvenience may caused!
UPD: Maintenance time extended by 1 hour.
See you soon on Rakshasa street!

Events on server S1 (12/17/2018)

Greetings, warriors!

We are glad to announce, that today on the first server were started several profitable events!

1 – «Single Topup»
2 – «Mystic Shop»
3 – «Topup Benefis»

Events duration – since December 17.2018 till December 23.2018

More about events – https://goo.gl/oYB6U2

Have a good time!

[13.12] Technical maintenance and Server merge

Dear friends!

Today at 22 PM EDT the game servers will be down for tech maintenance. We anticipate downtime to be a 2 hour.

During the maintenance we’ll merge the game servers. We’ve listening your opinions, and most of you have chosen the fifth option in the poll, that means merge will go like: s1+s2 and s3+s4+s5.

We’re sure, that this will bring to the game more fun and makes your game experience more intriguing, especially on the eve of the Christmas and New year holidays!

Greatly sorry for any inconvenience may caused!

See you soon on the Rakshasa street!

New server — «S7: Stormcaller»

Brave Spirit holders!

New game realm — «S7: Stormcaller» — available! It’s a good opportunity to start your brand new journey on the Rakshasa street. With all the experience you got you can make your path more efficient and much successful!

Take a part in the special server-opening event! You can get a lot of game resources and BR-boosts! Don’t forget to check our guide before you start.

See you soon on Rakshasa street!

[Update] – Enchanted garden and Deity

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 Welcome to the Enchanted Garden

  • The function is activated after passing the quest.


  • Enchanted garden becomes available at level 49
  • You can change appearance as you like.
  • When chanses units run out,  they can be replenished with diamonds.
  • Chanses will be recovered every hour.

🌿 Apollo, God of the Sun ferocious like a flame in the battlefield. Leaving only but ashes after his blazing fire.  

Apollo is also the god of architecture and artifacts.

  • The “Deity” is activated at Ultimate level 5 and  Dragon – Flame Whelp  level 80. 

  • The function is activated after passing the quest.
  • You can raise the level of the deity and discover additional talents.
  • You can  upgrade Diety with the help of the Holy Water that you receive in Diety Dungeon. 

🌿To activate the ancient Greek Goddess of Earth , you need Rock Whelp Dragon 80 level.

🌿 To activate Storm Bringer, you need Tornado Whelp Dragon level 80.

🌿 To activate God of the Seas, you need Frost Whelp Dragon level 80.

🌿 To activate Agent of Light , you need Light Whelp Dragon level 80.

🌿 To Lady of Doom , you need Dark Whelp Dragon level 80.

🐖🐷 Meet new pet – Pig. He is very cute

We wish you successful searches and new adventures!

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