Perfect Fantasy

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A thrilling adventure awaits you in Perfect Fantasy—a colorful RPG available on both PC and mobile! Start with exploring the vibrant world at home and continue your journey on the way to classes or work—or do it vice versa! There are no obstacles preventing you from enjoying a proper gameplay experience!

A terrifying threat is looming over the sun-kissed continent—a powerful dark mage has succeeded in deriving a perilous spell capable of transforming life into death and light into darkness! Assemble a party of loyal warriors and mages and fend off the warlock and his minions!

  • • Assist your team in nail-biting battles!
  • • A huge variety of modes and trials.
  • • Recruit the best of the best!
  • • Encounter the most dangerous Bosses.
  • • You will have everything at your disposal to become a true Hero.
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