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Guide – Recruitment Pass

Guide – Recruitment Pass

Recruitment Pass

Available by icon 

Complete activity tasks to complete a special scale and advance to the next level.

For each level, you will receive valuable rewards.

If you don’t want to waste time on activity tasks, you can buy levels.

The price of one level – 40 Black Diamonds.

You can also purchase two additional orders to earn 2-3 times more rewards throughout the season.

Hero Decree (100 Black Diamonds):

  • Generous resource rewards
  • Lots of Shop points

Legendary Hero (400 Black Diamonds):

  • Generous resource rewards
  • Precious Commander Medal of your choice

For some levels, you will receive Pass Coins, which can be exchanged for items in the Event Store.


Attention: Rewards and items in the Store may change from season to season.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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