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Guide – Battle of the Narrow Sea

Guide – Battle of the Narrow Sea


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Basic rules


With the support of the lords, Daenerys manages to seize power in the slavers’ Bay and get ships.

In the narrow sea, dangers lurk from all sides: from heavy clouds hiding the stars, to cruel ironborn and insidious “Silent”, soundlessly dissecting waves. Knight Daeron will join the voyage. Don’t miss the chance to take part in exciting battles and find incredible relics.

Lady Daenerys ordered us to cross the Narrow Sea. It’s time to move out!

Enemy armies

  1. On the Narrow Sea, you may come across Daenerys and Ironborn ships.
  2. You cannot attack Daenerys’ ships because you are in an alliance with her.
  3. The Iron Islands are your main enemy, his ships have flooded the entire territory of the Narrow Sea.


  1. The Narrow Sea consists of 5 regions that will open as the event progresses. The regions are not yet open and cannot be moved.
  2. On the battlefield of the Narrow Sea, the lords can only use dragons and commanders. All other characteristics do not apply.
  3. Fixed and free troops participate on the battlefield of the Narrow Sea. The Lord bears no real losses. When returning to replenish resources, troops are reset.
  4. On the battlefield of the Narrow Sea, the lords cannot arrange gatherings and send reinforcements.
  5. Actions in a Cue Ball on a Narrow Sea consume resources. When resources run out, the lord can return to replenish resources up to the possible limit.
  6. On the battlefield of the Narrow Sea, castles change to ships. It only affects the appearance. The characteristics of the castle’s appearance on another battlefield remain unchanged. The appearance in the movement will also change.
  7. On the battlefield of the Narrow Sea, the appearance on the march is a ship. This only applies to appearance. The appearance on the march on another battlefield remains unchanged.

Starting point

  1. During the first entry into the Narrow Sea battlefield or when returning to replenish resources, you will automatically find yourself at the starting point.
  2. In the Narrow Sea you will find special structures of the great city – lighthouses. There are 5 lighthouses in total. After the capture of the lighthouse by the Targaryen faction, it can be determined as the starting point.
  3. After determining the starting point, you will be able to return to it to replenish resources using the “Return for Supplies” function.
  4. If Euron’s faction captures the lighthouse that was your starting point, the starting point will automatically change to the harbor.

Stage tasks

  1. There are several stage tasks in each chapter. All players of the kingdom present on the battlefield who managed to complete an additional task within the specified time are given an additional reward. If additional tasks are not completed, only the basic reward can be collected.
  2. Rewards for stage tasks are sent by mail immediately after completing tasks.

Reward for rating

Rating of the Battle on the Narrow Sea

During the event, the swimming score rating is calculated. The rating is formed according to the maximum score for swimming received on the battlefield of the Narrow Sea. The reward is sent by mail at the results stage.

Swimming Evaluation Award (Battle on the Narrow Sea)

The higher the total score for swimming, the better the reward.

1 place:

  • [Ancient] Heartseeker – 1
  • Diamonds 1 000 – 20
  • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 20
  • Grain 2 000 000 – 20

2 place:

  • Heartseeker – Weapon Chest – 5
  • Diamonds 1 000 – 18
  • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 18
  • Grain 2 000 000 – 18

3 place:

  • Heartseeker – Weapon Chest – 4
  • Diamonds 1 000 – 16
  • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 16
  • Grain 2 000 000 – 16

4-10 place:

  • Heartseeker – Weapon Chest – 3
  • Diamonds 1 000 – 14
  • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 14
  • Grain 2 000 000 – 14

11-30 place:

  • Heartseeker – Weapon Chest – 2
  • Diamonds 1 000 – 12
  • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 12
  • Grain 2 000 000 – 12

31-50 place:

  • Heartseeker – Weapon Chest – 1
  • Diamonds 1 000 – 10
  • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 10
  • Grain 2 000 000 – 10



  1. Special resources are used in the Narrow Sea. Various actions in the Narrow Sea – moving, sending troops, raising sunken ships and using treasure maps – consume a different number of resources.
  2. If there are more than zero resources left, but they are not enough to perform an action, one last action remains available until the number of resources reaches zero. After that, any actions will become unavailable.
  3. After spending all the resources, you can return to the starting point to replenish them by clicking “Return for supplies”.

Capturing lighthouses

  1. The Narrow Sea consists of 5 regions, each of which has 1 lighthouse. Initially, all lighthouses belong to Euron’s France.
  2. As the event progresses, new regions will be opened. Beacons can be attacked in open regions.
  3. The lighthouses are protected by Euron’s French troops. When you destroy all the troops of the lighthouse, it will become controlled by the Targaryen faction.
  4. Euron’s faction will send troops to reclaim the lighthouse occupied by the Targaryen faction.

Assessment of sailing

  1. After each return, a swimming assessment is carried out to replenish resources. The number of destroyed troops and the number of relics obtained are taken into account when assessing the voyage. Depending on the swimming score, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of Shade of the Evening.
  2. The higher the swimming score, the more Shade of the Evening you will get.

Raising ships

  1. In the Narrow Sea, you will randomly come across sunken ships. After spending resources, you can go to the shipwreck and raise the sunken ship.
  2. For lifting a sunken ship, you will have a chance to get relics, resources and Shade of the Evening.
  3. Resource consumption depends on the region in which your or the sunken ship is located.


  1. Relics grant combat power-ups that only work in a Battle on a Narrow Sea.
  2. The received relics are valid only during the current voyage. When returning to replenish resources, the relics received turn into Swimming Score points.
  3. Relics are available in the Battle on the Narrow Sea. They can be obtained by raising sunken ships and collecting treasure maps.
  4. Relic effects are available repeatedly. After receiving the relic again, you can increase its level.

Other rules

Item recycling 

  1. After the end of the Battle on the Narrow Sea, all unused Shade of the Evening from the event will disappear. Use it in time.
  2. After completing the Battle on the Narrow Sea, all parts of the treasure map and ship upgrades will also disappear.


  1. In the Battle at sea, even if you have moved to another kingdom, you will act on the side of the one in which you were born.


You can view the current tasks and rewards by clicking on the icon

Ship Improvement

Available by icon:

To improve the ship, you need a Warship Modification item, which can be obtained for completing current tasks.

Event Store

Available by icon

The Narrow Sea Battle Exchange Shop is only available during the event. At the end of the event, the store will close. Don’t forget to exchange rewards in time.

The store has a limit on the exchange. After reaching the limit, you cannot get items.

The exchange requires a Shade of the Evening item.

Can be exchanged:

  • Heartseeker – Weapon Chest – 9 000 Shade of the Evening, Limit 3
  • Ancient Scripture – 500 Shade of the Evening, Limit 150
  • Rare Crystal Essence – 1 250 Shade of the Evening, Limit 30
  • Refined rough – 20 Shade of the Evening, Limit 1 500
  • Battle Equipment General Material – 150 Shade of the Evening, Limit 200
  • Weapon Reforge Ore – 100 Shade of the Evening, Limit 1 200
  • Precise Transfer – 15 Shade of the Evening, Limit 10
  • Truce 24 Hours – 10 Shade of the Evening, Limit 10


You can view the current rating by the icon

Attention: Tasks and rewards may vary from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes and can be changed as information becomes available.

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