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What do you think about the game?

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    Alter Ego

    Have you already played our new IDLE-RPG Perfect Fantasy? do you have something to tell? Share! Tell us what did you like about the game and what did you dislike? What would you like to change in the game?

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    So happy new year!

    what a Nostalgic feeling! This kind of game brings me back memories.

    Well the game is great when your character is power leveling from0 1 – 120. Really awesome!

    Then the fun stops when you don’t pay or buy any packs. it became VERY SLOW to reach lvl 130 or worst 200.

    Oooh the grinding for free to play will be bad BUT if youre PAY TO WIN! then this game is for you! xoxo


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    Well i really like the game i mean for me i think the whole pay to win problem is a big issue, i mean the satisfaction in watching your teem grow is great but at the same time ive been sitting here for 5 days slowly grinding to lv 140 currently at lv 138). the grind is less then fun and i wish that you had a little more say in how you ever all custimise you teem (skills, abilitys, perks, weapon types, stat types ect) it would also be nice to see status procks like fire, ice lightning crossive ect to make it so you had to think a little bit more when you go into fights.

    also second main thing is to make it a little bit easyer to get a four member teem, im finding it hard to do so and not having that extra member is rilly kinda a buz kill.

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    Well Actually I had played this game 5 years ago. This game was very famous becuz there were several companies serviced this game for several platforms. So It’s not cool to me. Instead I feel nostalgic sensation when I first met this game in this site. Wow even now this game has been served from unknown company? What a long-live game! <- That’s what I felt. Maybe this game was made in China, like other games – League of angels series or something… And to be honest, All Chinese games are very similar. Their business model, How to lure like that. And I’ve met more than 30 Chinese games already… so Its just another Chinese factory-made game to me.

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    This game is too much pay to win and its hard to get characters. You should consider making it more free to play and spend more time on it than other games. Also add summons to get characters.

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    Alter Ego

    Thank you for your feedback.

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