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Update 22.02.2024

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    Hello, my lord.
    The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

    Have fun and prepare for the winter!

    Here are the contents of this update:

    1. New Content

    – Added “Cersei Lannister” in Greensight.

    – Starting from 2024.2.9, a ship will arrive in the City every Friday, bringing various “Crazy Friday” Special discounted merchandise for all the Royal Lords and Ladies to purchase.

    1. “Wilding Siege” Related Improvements

    – Fortifications damaged during the Alliance Trial “Wildling Siege” will be returned after the end of the trial. – Participating in “Wilding Siege” now requires Royal Lords and Ladies to have joined the alliance for over 15 days.

    1. “Glorious Battle” Related Improvements

    – The “Glorious Battle” event now plays between alliances. The Alliance Leader or Officer will need to register manually in order to participate in the event.

    – Depending on the Average Combat Ability Score of members, Alliances will be sent into three different Battlefields (Common, Advanced, Super).

    – The alliance with the highest Alliance Score will be the Commanding Alliance, which has the Commander Permissions.

    4. Improvements

    – Improved idle animation in Dragon Menu.

    – Improved the description of the Refinement system. Extra notification will be displayed when Critical Hits are triggered.

    – Added information about Sources of Damage Against Specific Troop Type in Battle Reports.

    GoT Winter is Coming Team

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