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The beginning of the way – S1: Orion

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    We are happy to inform you that the game is open! The legendary MMORPG is waiting for heroes!
    🌟 S1: Orion
    ! 🌙

    ◆ Three gorgeous classes will become your guides to the exciting world. What style of fight is closer to you and who you will become is only your decision!
    ◆ Excellent 3D graphics! All textures and locations are made in HD-quality, and all this is available in the your browser. Enjoy the game!
    ◆ Detailed character customization is available – you can create an unique, incomparable look! Changing the type of weapons, armor and other equipment with the improvement.
    ◆ PvP mode! You can hone your skills in the arena with other players, showing your abilities and gaining recognition.
    ◆ Abundance of in-game events: from contests to entire modes!

    Warriors of the Legion of Burning Light, in the world there is no one more powerful than you! The world is too beautiful to give it to the evil spirits. So stand up for the protection of mortals, resist any threat. Call upon the guardian spirits, flap your wings, so that power may crush your enemies! Cast down one who dared to defy the peace of the world and punish the evil that questioned your strength. Change the fabric of the universe so that there is no place for darkness and chaos!

    🔱 Are you ready to become a legend? Then a fantastic world is waiting for you! 🌟

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    Chronicle of the world

    Nothing foreshadowed troubles and chaos, but the most ancient rift made itself felt: the spell that had defended it for many centuries was removed. Who possessed such power like this and for whom it was profitable – this what warriors should found out. But now … Who possessed such power and for whom it was profitable only to be found out. Anarchy gradually reigned, which only the strongest can eradicate.
    But every day the onslaught of the enemy is more difficult to restrain. The few survivors retreated to the last surviving stone cliff and with the help of ancient magic raised it to heaven. There they built the soaring city, which was the last stronghold for all living things. In its center rises the Guardian Tower, where the Elders guard the last source of magic.

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    How do we play? Rise of Angels is not listed in games category of espiritgames I can’t find the website for it anywhere!

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    Where is the game??

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    Thank you for the information

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