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    Dear friends!
    Before creating a topic with a question / error / bug, please read the request rules:

    ▶ Before creating an request or asking a question, make sure that there is no same discussion topic, or this question has not been asked to avoid copying questions or creating many topics with the same meaning.
    ▶ The request must be created strictly according to the special form given below.
    ▶ The request must be made correctly, with a minimum number of errors. The text of the request should not contain insults towards the administration, other players or towards the game.
    ▶ All request and created topics not corresponding to the simple rules given above will be deleted from the forum. Attempts to re-open the topic with errors will result in ban.

    Request form:
    ▸ Nickname in the game & Server;
    ▸ A detailed description of the problem. What? Where? When? With what? Under what conditions? Try to explain the question as accurately and concisely as possible or describe the problem;
    ▸ Attached screenshots clearly describing the essence of your question (if you can do a schreenshot).

    Thank you!

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