Dark Omen

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Dark Omen is a browser-based MMORPG of a new generation made in fantasy style. Bright game effects, excellent graphics, unique game system and exciting story tasks, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the stunning, event-filled game world.

Future of this world depends only on you today. Since the gods don’t want to intervene and stop the carnage, we must become a God and solve this matter once and for all! Can you find strength, curb your blood and subdue your inner demon? After all, by only becoming a demon, you can take the place of a God!

In Dark Omen you will find:

  • Two unique and original game classes
  • Exciting game events
  • Ability to turn into a demon during battle
  • Battles filled with dynamics and variety
  • Guild battles and PVP arenas
  • Developed and multifaceted system of upgrading the hero and their skills