Kings of War

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Kings of War is an exciting strategy game where everybody can become a legendary commander, followed by a loyal army. The journey has just begun, every kingdom is fighting for land and wealth and the whole world is covered in blood. The wrath of the gods came upon all those who had triumphed in the Trojan War. Being a hero, you won’t celebrate victory until you face the challenge of survival and achieve endless glory. Choose your country and fight for it! The story is about to begin, what are you waiting for?

In Kings of War you will find:

  • Original atmosphere of the ancient times. Feel like a real commander from the legends!
  • Exciting battles will keep on you the edge! Develop your own strategy and crush the enemies!
  • Build your city and lead it to the endless glory!
  • Gather a squad of powerful heroes and command your own indestructible army.
  • Team up with other players to defeat raid bosses!
  • Use sturdy mounts to travel through uncharted realms and help your heroes in battle!
  • Challenge armies of other players, prove that your warfare tactics are the best and claim the well deserved reward!
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