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Hero Element

Many centuries ago, a fearless hero sealed demons at the bottom of a mountain lake covered with ice and located among the snow-capped peaks in the north of the kingdom...

But the spell that bound the demons broke down with age, and the creatures of hell broke free! The elders and magicians gathered a council of the wisest and called upon the spirit of a brave knight from the other world, who had already saved people from the evil forces. Now he will have to stand in the way of Dark Forces again and defend the honor and glory of his native land!

Hero Element is a high-speed online RPG game where you will gather a team of heroes representing the elements of nature, you also will go through many vibrant locations, fight an army of monsters, take part in incredible events and establish peace in the kingdom.

Новости Форум

Get ready for:

Gather a squad of unique characters that complement each other

Use heroes, armor and weapons from different elements: water, fire, wind, lightning, light, darkness

Recruit fighters from the same element or alternate them as you wish

Fight bosses, battle in the PvP arena, take part in events and challenges

Create a friendly guild or join a powerful clan

Invite powerful magicians and companions to your battle group

Gather a squad with unique tactics

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