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[Update] – Supreme Shrine

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Today a new feature has become available in Dragon Lord – Supreme Shrine

You can get Deicide Tokens from 4 Cross-server Features and use them to challange 8 Sacred Altars.

  • War of Gods (Rank top 3  to get tokens)
  • Love Arena (Rank top 3 )
  • Everlsting  (Rank top 3 )
  • Infinite War (Rank top 2)

Spend Deicide Tokens to challenge the Sacred Alters and get rewards.

A new mount has been added to the game – Divine Pegasus

New wings has been added to the game – Frost Wings

We wish you a good game!

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[Event] – Merge Ceremony 6/13

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Servers to be merged are: S16-S28
[Event] –  Merge Ceremony available on merged servers.Duration: 6/13-6/16
During the event meet the requirement to get the rewards.

Use Light of Hope to exchange for valuable items

You have the opportunity to get:

Hero – Vera

Mount – Lava Dragon

Mount – Frost Fiend

Mount – Holy Deer

You can take advantage of the discount packs

Enter the game every day and get rewards

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Merger Announcement June, 13

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Greetings, Heroes!

Tomorrow, June, 13, 2019 from 2:30 to 4:30  AM (server time) servers will be shutted down for server merger , lasting for 120 minutes. Please leave the game in advance before maintenance time to avoid unnecessary loss.

Server Merger: S-16-S-28

Approximately time of works – 2 hours.

We will additionally announced when the works finished.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and support.


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[Event] – Discount shop (06/11/2019)

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Good news, Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that today was launched an exciting event “Discount shop”, in which you can get a lot of valuable awards and consumables with a big discount!
Rules of the event.
When you recharge game ambers (for every 500 ambers), you will get a Coupon to refresh prices in Discount shop.
The event will last until June 12
Coupons can be used only in this event. After that, coupons expire.

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[Update] – Primeval Island and Pet Aptitude

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1.New function unlocked
   Pet Aptitude
   Primeval Island
2.System Optimization
   Holy Blessing will be available at 9:00 now.
  Added event pictures.
  Added new resources: Bow Tie, Father’s Day Gift and Fatherly Love Title Card.
  Now you may get Bastet · Naivety Shards in Primeval Island.
5.Bug Fixes
   Fixed the bug that made Flag Fiend’s Ring Equipment in Dream Star, Treasure Chest and Lucky Tree have no random stats.
   Fixed the Points for some Mounts in Cube.
7.V2.3 Contents:
Added new features:
  Pet Aptitude
  Primeval Island
  Infinite War Improvements:
a) The camera no longer follows you in real time when you move in the Infinite War.
b) Improved mini map.
c) Improved chat button and display.
  Farm Improvement: Unlocked the last 3 Lots in the Farm.
  Added new goals.
a) Added more stages for goals.
b) More goals are added.
c) Maximized Goals Level to 30.
d) Added rewards for Goals reaching Lv. 26 to Lv. 30.
  Growth Contest Improvement: Purchases will receive Points in the Growth Contest.
  Skill Talent Improvement: Added extra Talent Pages.
  Battlefield Rewards Improvement: Event Rewards are based on Battlefield Level.
  Crystal Shop Improvement: Buying chances will be reset after the event.
8.Element Catacomb Improvement: Extra rewards are based on the clearance time.

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Happy Children’s day!

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We invite you to remember golden times of childhood and just enjoy the process. Let’s go back to childhood!

Rewards are available in game!

Duration: 6/1 – 6/7
Participate in gaming activities i and get Balloons that you can exchange for “adult” toys: fashion, titles, weapons and parts of the wings and mounts.

For sure, in childhood you really wanted a pet. It’s time to start it – new pet skins are available in the game!

20 shards can be synthesized into a Wing/Mount Shard.

Rewards takes place on servers that are more than 30 days from oppening.

Have a good holiday!

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