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Events from August 1 – «Rose Day», «Angel’s Treasure», «Angel Pass» and «Anniversary»

Events from August 1 – «Rose Day», «Angel’s Treasure», «Angel Pass» and «Anniversary»


From August 1 to 3 «Rose Day» event will be available for you.

Complete various tasks and get rewards which will help You significantly increase your BR:

  • Parts of heroes
  • Resources
  • Game currency
  • Various chests
  • and much more

Tasks are updated on a daily basis.

From August 1 to 3, the game will be hunting for «Angel’s Treasure».

Get and buy Angel Treasure Coupons to try your luck and win valuable prizes. 

For each prize draw, you will receive event points and Angel Scrolls, which can then be exchanged in the store for the necessary resources.

Players who score the required number of points will get into the rating and receive even more rewards.

You can win:

  • Holy Crystal
  • Stones of Fusion
  • Essence Relics
  • Sacred amber
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

The next season of the Angel Pass event has begun, which means that holders of magical passes will again be able to receive pleasant bonuses and generous rewards for completing various tasks from 1 to 14 August.

Choose your path – a warrior, a hero or an angel, and hurry towards new battles and cherished trophies!

Available rewards:

  • Parts of heroes
  • Diamonds
  • Costumes
  • Various resources
  • and much more

You can find out more about the event in our guide.

From August 1 to 31, the «Anniversary» event is waiting for you.

The event consists of many sections:

  • Sign-in Gifts
  • Career History
  • Topaz Gift
  • Discount Shop
  • Dominator

During the event, you will be able to get a lot of pleasant prizes for entering the game, for greeting the strongest players, replenishing and spending topaz, as well as buying various goods at huge discounts. Don’t miss it!

By participating in the event, you will have the opportunity to get a fashionable set (permanent) – Golden Feathers Sigil!

More information about the event and awards can be found in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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