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    Samsung with Samsung Galaxy and Apple with the iPhone are two big companies in the world, smart phones or smartphones that control the world market, including Indonesia. The two companies are competing with each other to be the best with new types of smart phones that they release to the market. Smart phone users are always happy to get the latest news from Samsung and Apple. However, many people find it difficult to choose between Samsung and Apple. Therefore, it will be discussed about Samsung vs. iPhone which is expected to help the people of Indonesia to choose the best smart phone for them.
    The fundamental difference between Samsung and iPhone

    Basically there are some basic differences from Samsung and iPhone. The main thing is the companies that produce it are different companies. Samsung Smart Samsung is made by Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd. which is a company from South Korea while the iPhone is made by Apple Inc. which is a company from the United States. Samsung only makes smart phone devices while its operating system uses the Android operating system while Apple makes smart phone devices while developing its own operating system with iOS. Of course, each of them has a different appearance with their respective characteristics. In terms of prices, Samsung’s smart phones are classified as having a more affordable price compared to iPhones in the same class.

    If asked which one is better, it will depend on which side we are seen. Both Samsung and iPhone have their respective advantages. Even though Samsung is more affordable than the iPhone, smart phones from Samsung don’t lose to the iPhone in terms of technology. Live football streaming hd Both companies always strive to provide the latest for their customers with the latest features that make these two brands always compete in the market including in terms of physical design, performance, multimedia, integration with various applications, and so forth.

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    Samsung will release a new innovative folding cellphone in June after a delay from problems with its design. Unfortunately, it took longer than Samsung expected to fix problems with the device.

    Originally scheduled for release on April 26, Samsung was forced to delay the global launch of unlimited devices watch live sports. The delay occurred after several technology journalists had problems with the initial unit. The problem ranged from debris to finding a way between the look and body, until the screen failed miserably.

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