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which heroes to use, and how to build the party

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    Hi Guys,
    can someone please help me with how this game works,
    other day i was looking at the TIER list post made by LordRaven, but didn’t understand it, as it showed like same hero on different tier lists, at different postitions.
    so i would like to know, how to setup a party.

    what is the general formula for setting up a nice party
    What heroes should i use
    my top heroes, and what I have
    Thanks in advance

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    I am no expert on this game but I have found out that there is no true party but you will need different set ups for different battles. The tier that LordRaven shows is just one that he feels are the best and as you can see that there are that think different, so that beening it depends on what works for you and the type of battle you are facing. You have a good start and some strong tanks plus strong assassin. I would work on builting some support such as the Freya and try to get a Shalana. Use you lower one to built you main team. I myself have about 6 teams that I use. Elements also help when they are all the same in your team.
    Well hope this helped but like I said I am still learning myself so good luck and hope you enjoy the game.

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      Thanks mate. hopefully more will chip in, <3

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      btw, I have shalana and freya, but just epic .
      need their 2nd copy to get started

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      btw, if u don’t mmind, can you share your 5-6 teams that you referred to.
      or if there is a discord chanel. please share the invite, as talking here isn’t easy.

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    Good that you have both because later in the game you can/will need 2 support in your party

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