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What is the exact meaning of gradually decay?

Forums Dark Genesis Help & Support What is the exact meaning of gradually decay?

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    What does it mean?

    1. How long does 40% effect last at 3lv?
    2. How fast does it reach the 10% effect at 3lv?

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    ★ James ★

    Hi, this effect lasts during all battle.

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    ★ James ★

    Do u really think thats what I asked? and Why don’t you answer to my previous question?

    Hi and sorry for late reply. We just have confirmed this point with the development staff — this effect lasts for 15 second, being decreased evenly since some point of time.

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      So It means 40% atk effect lasts 15sec? Then what is next figure? 39%? 35%? 30% or 10%? And cannot understand what ‘some point of time’ means too. How fast It decreases? every 1 sec? 5 sec? 10sec? 1% of effect decreases every 1sec? When This effect reaches lowest 10% effect after battle beginning?

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