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We have been discriminated.

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    Some routine events and rewards like elemental hearts, Hi-summon, loot etc are not deleted in the game system. Those routine quests n rewards are exist in other servers like in Russian server in this espritgames website.

    Admins deleted those events n rewards which are benevolent to free players only in this server. You can see those in other language servers.

    Guess they are trying to make free players quit.

    But If High VIPs are cash cow, free players are meadow.

    We don’t play single play game. Don’t we?

    If there are no more free players so we only can play alone then why would we play this?







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    ★ James ★

    Hi and thanks for contacting us. The events you were mentioned aren’t available in the current game version for a lot of reasons (mainly they are technical ones), but you assuredly will happen to participate in later; other language versions haven’t had this one anymore, too.

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