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    Can anyone help with Warsoul Resonance?

    1) Does the recommended stat order have to be the exact the same or does just the same number work? Example, if it says to get red,red,red,orange,orange but I get orange,orange,red,red,red would I still get the benefit?

    2) What stat is yellow? On the below screenshot there is a red,red,red,yellow,yellow and the other is blue,blue,blue,yellow,yellow. lol, I have no idea what yellow is. My current stats are:
    – PATK = red
    – PDEF = orange
    – MATK = blue
    – MDEF = white
    – HP = green


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    1: I have no idea of the order.

    2: Yellow is Crit. Go into the blacksmith and look through your gems, their colors seem to correspond to the color of the Warsoul stats.

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