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    Seasoning of wooden is the manner through which moisture content material withinside the wooden is decreased to required degree. By decreasing moisture content material, the strength, elasticity and sturdiness homes are evolved. A well-pro wooden has 15% moisture content material in it.

    Methods of Timber Seasoning

    There are strategies of Seasoning of wooden which can be defined below

    1. Natural seasoning
    2. Artificial seasoning
    3. Solar Seasoning
    4. Natural Seasoning of Timber

    Natural seasoning is the manner wherein wooden is pro through subjecting it to the herbal factors inclusive of air or water. Natural seasoning can be water seasoning or air seasoning.

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    1. Water Seasoning

    Water seasoning is the manner wherein wooden is immersed in water float which facilitates to eliminate the sap gift withinside the wooden. It will take 2 to four weeks of time and after that the wooden is permitted to dry. Well-pro wooden is prepared to use.Water Seasoning of Timber

    2. Air Seasoning

    In the manner of air seasoning wooden logs are organized in layers in a shed. The association is carried out through preserving a few hole with the floor. So, platform is constructed on floor at 300mm top from floor. The logs are organized in this type of manner that air is circulated freely among logs. By the motion of air, the moisture content material in wooden slowly reduces and seasoning occurs. Even aleven though it’s far a gradual manner it’ll produce well-pro wooden.

    3. Solar Seasoning

    Solar Seasoning technique is an answer supplied for the low power requirement of air drying and the rapid operation of kiln drying. Solar Seasoning of wooden presents a compromise for diverse drawbacks of different forms of seasoning operations.

    For example, the power enter is variable withinside the kilns which frequently results in having powerful insulation to keep the warmth internal at night time time. Also, a few kiln seasoning operations evolved temperatures of over 40oC internal even if the outside temperature is -20oC.

    Solar Seasoning can be referred to as the slower and gentler shape of kiln drying. Various beyond studies has come to the realization that the use of wooden sun dryers, appreciably reduces drying time and drying defects in comparison to air dryers.

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    Artificial Seasoning of Timber

    The diverse strategies of synthetic seasoning are,

    1. Boiling
    2. Kiln seasoning
    3. Chemical seasoning of Timber
    4. Electrical seasoning of Timber

    1. Boiling

    Seasoning of Timber thru boiling presents enough traits homes for the unique functioning of wooden. Timber is immersed in water on this technique after which boiled for approximately 3-four hours below supervision. Boiling eliminates the desired quantity of sap gift withinside the water.

    This manner can also be finished through passing the move over the wooden in place of boiling. The boiling manner is rapid however the power required for boiling consumes the economy. Hence the manner is time-saving however is costly.

    2. Kiln Seasoning of Timber

    Kiln Drying is one of the not unusualplace procedures a number of the many industrial procedures for the seasoning of wooden. In this manner using out of moisture is expanded through the use of outside power which in flip hurries up the seasoning of wooden.

    Here the wooden is stacked in similar to that during air-drying manner, that is then positioned internal a chamber able to converting the situations to offer the nice seasoning results. Conditions withinside the kiln may be modified as in keeping with the requirement of seasoning.

    3. Chemical Seasoning of Timber

    The wooden used for high-fee programs is pro thru this manner of chemical seasoning. This manner is appropriate for the wooden absolutely freed from floor checks, having programs in rifle butts, golfing membership heads, and carvings.

    Chemical Seasoning is likewise referred to as a salt seasoning because the wooden is dipped in an answer of sodium chloride or sodium nitrate. Salts inclusive of sodium chloride or sodium nitrate are able to drawing out the internal moisture of wooden.

    4. Electrical Seasoning of Timber

    Electrical seasoning entails the passing of high-frequency alternating modern is handed thru the wooden. Electrical modern brought withinside the wooden is able to producing warmness which in flip begins offevolved drying of wooden.

    Drying of wooden thru this technique is carried out below the supervision of professionals to make sure safety. As the seasoning of wooden has proceeded moisture content material reduces to a big degree and resistance to power increases.

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