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    The site of our institute has all the information for applicants and students in a text version, but not everyone is able to perceive information in such a volume. Therefore, we plan to develop our own videos, which we will post on our website. Short videos are better perceived and better tell in 30 seconds about the advantages of our institution.

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    I started doing business not long ago, now I’m thinking about how to advertise a product, you gave good advice – launching a small video is better than written advertising. If I contact you to shoot a video for me. You can help me, of course not for free. As I understand it, you make such videos, if I send photos showing my goods – you can make a video or not.

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    Sheldon! I don’t think you are doing the right thing. The author of the topic himself needs help in developing videos, and you are already loading him with your work. After all, you can find a professional developer who already has experience and entrust him with the creation of a video.

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    I completely agree with the previous commentary mikli, the author needs help in creating videos where everything will be clear to the student and not load his head with a large amount of information he does not understand .. I can advise you to look here: https://explain.ninja/
    maybe this is exactly what you need .. good luck

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    Advertising agencies make high-quality videos in which in 20 seconds they will convey all the most useful and necessary information to the consumer. You need to find such an agency through the Internet.

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    That’s right! It is necessary to involve young students in learning in the way that is most suitable for them. A short video will not take much time and will bring great benefits. So it will be even more interesting for applicants to study.

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