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    Secure printing is a method of ensuring that sensitive or confidential documents are only printed by authorized individuals. There are several ways to achieve secure printing, including:

    Authentication: Requiring users to enter a password or use a secure ID card before printing.

    Encryption: Encrypting the document before it is sent to the printer to prevent unauthorized access.

    Pull printing: Also known as “follow-me” printing, this method allows the user to release their document at the printer only after they have verified their identity at the device.

    Audit trails: Keeping a log of all print jobs, including the user, document, and time of print, to aid in any future investigations.

    Secure print release: This feature allows users to store print jobs in a queue, and then release them only when they are physically present at the printer, to prevent someone else from picking up their printouts.

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    I recently bought my own company and inherited it from my father. He ran the company well, but it is time to adopt a new perspective and solutions. To simplify the work, I have ordered a computer program from hire full stack developer that would do some of the work automatically without the presence of a person. They are still writing the program, do you think it is a good company?

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