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Run 3


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    In the thrilling running game Run 3, you must run and leap your way through an unending tunnel in outer space. Complete the hundred-level challenges without falling into space. Because Run 3 is so highly addictive, use caution. Play as a tiny grey alien and go on an adventure on a space station with poor architecture. The latest in the genre of endless runners is Run 3 Online Game. You can play Run 3, which takes place in space and features tunnels and tracks, on the Chrome Web Store. The Run 3 game is available for free installation and instant play. A new galaxy has been discovered and is just waiting to be discovered. To move swiftly and expertly through the interstellar ducts, press the arrow keys. You can turn the world left and right with the arrow keys. Run 3 features an exploratory mode and an infinite play mode. You can get a deeper look at your Galaxy Map by using Explore Mode. New tunnels and regions await the runner, and he or she may even run into old pals run 3


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