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    Can someone explain to me what the Right Wing and Left Wing shards are?
    In the current event says it can be transformed into a Champion.
    What is this item >> Champion?

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    Those are for something that unlocks at ultimate level 2, called Genesis Champion.

    The Genesis Champion interface displays 6-8 pieces of equipment (6 for gameplay, 2 extra if you reach a certain VIP level.) These unlock gradually. The equipment allows you to upgrade certain stats. You can also ‘train’ or evolve the equipment if you have multiple versions of it, for instance by collecting 20 shards of it. Hence, the shards allow you to train equipment, therefore increasing stats and possibly lifting Genesis Champion level. The shards drop from Temple Relics, but they’re rare. They were also added recently to the exchange events in Rewards, but are pricey.

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    Ty for the explanation, Which. Appreciate 🙂

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