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    Recently, some bug fixes were carried out in their software. Now I am recommended by experienced users to perform regression testing in order to identify possible defects. Maybe one of you can suggest a company that performs such testing qualitatively?

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    It is better not to wait for someone to tell you, but to find on the Internet the firm or company that is engaged in testing programs. Google to help and then choose any contact managers and ask everything that interests you.

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    I agree with you, it’s better to find those who do this, but that’s just where to find a good programmer, some losers and charlatans on the Internet, they only pull out money, but they themselves don’t know how. I turned to one programmer to correct several functions in my program, paid, at first the program worked fine, did not freeze, but after a few days the problems started again, it’s insulting to tears.

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    Of course, the author of the topic, after updating the software, you need to perform regression testing https://u-tor.com/services/regression-testing I recommend doing it every time after adjusting the program or site, which may include fixing various defects, merging codes, migration or adding new functionality, and other possible changes.

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    Correctly, the author of the topic, this type of testing includes all types of testing that are performed on already tested functional areas of the software after fixing errors or some other improvements or additions.

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    Development is closely related and one component cannot exist without the other. No doubt, one day I also needed development in this area and came across accidentally this magento migration tools which allowed me to develop a high-quality and powerful digital product. I got a good return from this and I feel that everyone should work hard on their project.

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