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    Remember that you are writing an essay for another person who is not your friend or colleague, which means stick to neutral expressions, use standard turns of phrase, write essentially and do not deviate from the topic.

    Do not abuse adjectives, exclamation points and avoid common words (all, any, every). Also, avoid phrasal verbs (put it, get off, etc.) and masterpapers reviews (can’t instead of cannot, don’t instead of do not, etc.). Stick to an academic-informational style of writing: avoid personal pronouns (I, my, we, our) and favor the active voice over the passive voice.

    To give the text objectivity, express an opinion on the topic using impersonal constructions (It is believed that…; It cannot be argued that…, etc.) and non-categorical verbs (suggest, suppose, claim, etc.). Words such as apparently, arguably, and other adverbs will help you express your opinion on an issue correctly.

    Divide the main body of the text into meaningful paragraphs, which can be interrelated and complement each other. Do not overload paragraphs with sentences and make them all about the same length. At the beginning of the paragraph it is better to use linking words, which will help to continue the idea expressed earlier.

    If you give examples or quotations in texts – refer to the source and the date of publication of the statement. This can be done in parentheses, indicating the author and year.
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