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Possession of the ball in an Madden NFL 23 video game

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    A lot of people are thinking “How did this even happened?” and the answer is simple: Adam Sandler. Sandler’s “Happy Madison” is the film that Sandler is producing, and if there’s one thing we do know about Sandler is that he’ll always put his friends in movies. Sandler is basically the greatest companion anyone could be if they’re actors since he’ll make you work for the rest of your life -even if the story makes no sense. For instance, Kevin James playing Sean Payton.

    The current era is an exciting time. It’s a time when Geno Smith can be a bust before taking a game in Madden NFL 23 or Tavon Austin is able to revolutionize an entire side of the game before ever taking possession of the ball in an Madden NFL 23 video game.

    Rookie are likely to have an impact in a league where the fans along with owners and front offices are looking for immediate results on field. So, Smith and Austin along with countless other rookies, will be thrust firmly beneath the spotlight over the next month as they train and the preseason.

    How is he handling the transition to the Madden NFL 23? Is he in over his head? Are you working hard? How is he spending his time away from the field? It’s not football anymore. These aren’t the big men at the college anymore. They need to prove themselves over again.

    Everyone will be keeping their eyes on Smith, Austin and other prominent rookies at training camp. But , here are fifteen other rookies to keep an eye on during training camp as practices get going later in the week.
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