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Pandora's Box in Ancient Catacombs

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    Marley Reese

    I was just wondering if anyone has received anything other than Ancient Seals from the Pandora’s Boxes in Ancient Catacombs? Is it worth the 10 diamonds?

    ~Marley R.

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    You can receive Sage’s Books from the Ancient Treasures, and people like WheresMyName (from my server) have mentioned getting some quantity of ultimate crystals. However, the chance of getting any special reward is very low, and you will typically get ancient seals. If I recall correctly, you required more than 10 diamonds to open one ancient treasure. There is a small chance of getting some reward other than Ancient Seals, but unless you have many diamonds to spare then the cost might not be worth the ancient seals.

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    I have gotten both items that Which listed, and as he said it is a very small chance… It’s been a while since I opened them, but I believe they are 100 diamonds…

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    Marley Reese

    Yes they are 100 diamonds, I had a typo.
    Thank you

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    For what it’s worth, it shows these potential rewards when you click on it:


    If you mouse over the rewards, it will show you that they are, in order from left to right: ancient seals, ultimate crystals, sage’s books, and SP potions. Of course, the ancient seals are by far the most likely drop. However, I’m not entirely sure if there are any other rare drops that aren’t listed, as sometimes occurs for other things in this game.

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    Marley Reese

    Update: I did get 5 crystals right before Dragon’s Landing, giving me the boost I needed to level up to ULT 3. 🙂

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