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Network connation lost ! ?

Forums Dark Genesis Help & Support Network connation lost ! ?


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    says please check network my internet is fine what gives why won’t it load

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    turns out it was a browser issue I was using brave browser this whole time and out of no ware I get booted out the game and get this message tried on google chrome browser problem solved.

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    ★ James ★

    Well, such situation happens if the browser do blocks cookie files, so that’s why we always recommend to use Google Chrome only. Have a nice game! 🙂

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    Oh, I used to have problems with my internet pretty often in my previous house, I even thought it was because of the ajax hub because it was located pretty close to the router, and it could make the signal worse. But even when I put it in another room, the connection was still bad. I decided to turn it off because it was connecting via wi-fi as well, so I thought it could affect anything, but I was wrong. Only after contacting an internet company and talking to them, they manage to fix everything.

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