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More Problems after Mainteniance

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    First, today,Goddess Guardian was under maintenance, so so much for completing that event. Now Homestead/Farm is hooped. Just says “Operation Failed”. I have Refreshed a couple of times on 2 different computers and 2 different accounts and get the same response EVERY time. Couple that to all the other problems in this game (money pit) and I wonder if it is worth continued participation.

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    agree.. apex is offline along with all raids.. waste of a day logging in tbh

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    My first reply isn’t showing so trying again!

    Same issues as described above:

    All raids and Apex dungeon are down, they say “Cross-server is under maintenance”
    Homestead and Farm say “Operation failed!”
    Goddess Palace says “Internal Error”

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    Thanks for the detailed problem description. We have already passed the information to the developers.

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