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    I have 195 Bragi pieces just need 5 more to awaken to 5 stars. Question, is the random mercenary piece you might get in Elite and Expert Dungeons truly random or is it tied to a particular dungeon? I did one dungeon and got siegfield piece twice in the 3 card shuffle so i’m thinking it’s tied to a particular dungeon but it could be random. Does anybody know, besides the cross server arena shop exactly where i can get bragi pieces? He shows up in the mercenary quests but i don’t have thor so only a 65% chance per quest. 85 improved insignia per piece in the shop is a little steep because i’m saving for heimdall and i have only 10000 insignia. If I get 3 more bragi pieces I’ll spend 170 insignia to get 2 more but at this rate spending summoning scrolls seems the quickest way. don’t mention getting apollo or frigga pieces, they’re very rare!

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    Mercenary pieces can be obtained with some probability in all dungeons. Select a dungeon and see what rewards can be earned by successfully completing the dungeon.

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