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Is it worth it to buy electric bikes?

Forums Rise of Angels Discussions Is it worth it to buy electric bikes?

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    It depends on your use ! If it is to show it out to your girlfriend/ boyfriend and your a person suffering from low social stigmata, then it doesn’t make sense.
    Else, let’s look at it with a clear thought.
    Acceleration / Torque – better than gasoline vehicle
    Fuel economy – costs around 10–20ps per km , as against 3–4 RS per kilometre on a gasoline.
    Tail pipe Emissions – zilch
    Vibration – Nil
    Distance – you can cover around 60kms on any EV, which is well within 93% of what people commute daily.
    Future – today disruption is coming from startups and there are a lot of startups working on EVs which would enable them. And the future of mobility is ELECTRIC, SHARED and CONNECTED.
    Cost – compartment higher, but opex works out better. Thus TCO should be a parameter that you should consider.
    Lastly, if you wait for any of the OEMs to come out with EVs you will have to wait forever. Kodak thought that cameras wouldnt be replaced by digital moment and now see where they are. Exact same case as in automobiles.
    Be a lead in the revolution , rather than a follower !

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    Hello! Find an electric motorcycle that is within your budget. The battery technology on these bikes is patented, which means these bikes are not cheap. If you can afford to upgrade your battery to its maximum capacity, then you should. You can buy electric wheelers from the DOFA manufacturer, which has fairly affordable prices. This will reduce the number of times you fully drain your battery, thereby extending its lifespan. Also, if you want an electric motorcycle with a large dealer network, your options are quite limited.

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