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Introduction to Waste water Treatment

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    Introduction to Waste water Treatment
    Wastewater is collected from homes, businesses, and industries via a network of pipes and drains
    Large debris and solids are removed through mechanical screening to prevent damage to downstream equipment.”
    Primary Treatment
    Wastewater undergoes primary treatment, where solids settle out in sedimentation tanks forming sludge
    Secondary Treatment
    Biological treatment occurs in aeration tanks, where micro organisms breakdown organic matter in the wastewater
    Tertiary Treatment
    Tertiary treatment involves filtration to remove remaining impurities, including fine particles and contaminants
    Disinfection using chlorine or UV light kills harmful pathogens in the treated wastewater, making it safe for discharge
    Treated wastewater can be reused for irrigation, industrial processes or replenishing groundwater
    Environmental Benefits
    Wastewater treatment protects water sources, aquatic ecosystems, and public health, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment
    Wastewater treatment plays a vital role in safeguarding our water resources and preserving the planet for future generation


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