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How to travel from India to Nepal by train?

Forums Rise of Angels Discussions How to travel from India to Nepal by train?

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    Using the huge Indian railway network and some local buses, it is relatively easy to enter Nepal from India. Traveling through Nepal usually takes a bus, because the railway does not extend to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Once in Kathmandu, you can travel to Tibet by land or fly to Lhasa. There are three main routes from India to Nepal, and you can choose your own route, which usually depends on the traveler’s starting location.

    How to visit Nepal from India by train
    There are basically two ways to travel from India to Nepal by train. They all include railways and some other means of transportation, such as airplanes or cars. Given the alternative, there are two standard routes between India and Nepal. These include taking the train to major Indian cities (Delhi, Kolkata, and other cities) to the Nepal border crossings in Sunali, Raxaul or Panitanki.

    Since India has a huge rail network, the train from India to Nepal can be completed relatively easily. Traveling by train in India is one of the main ways to visit this huge country, and well-maintained train service can take you to almost anywhere in the country. For tourists from India to Nepal, there are three main routes that can be reached. The end of this route is the main border crossing point between India and Nepal.

    Delhi in the west and Kolkata in the east are the main railway hubs, and you can travel to Nepal by train. No matter what your exit destination is, it may take you 10-15 hours to reach Sunali (from Delhi), Raxaul or Panitanki (from Kolkata). The journey from Varanasi to Sunali has been significantly shortened.

    Enter Nepal through Delhi
    The main route from India to Nepal, the border crossing point in Delhi is the most important border crossing point for commercial traffic and tourists. From New Delhi to Delhi, you can take a direct train to Gorakhpur, and you can choose to take the train on this route, including a Superfast Express.

    The journey is about 800 kilometers in total and it takes 11-14 hours by train. The route has ten stops at local stations along the way, as well as a major stop in Lucknow, where you will change to the Gorakhpur train. There are more than 30 trains from New Delhi or Varanasi to Gorakhpur every day. If you plan to take the transit waiting time, you can find some trains that cost less than two dollars.

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    There are multiple ways to travel from India to Nepal by train. One can take a train to the border town of Birgunj, cross the border on foot, and take a bus or taxi from there to Kathmandu. Another option top essay writing service share is to take a train all the way to Kathmandu.

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